At the previous step we’ve installed and assigned ZOO Magnify Zoom element to template layout. Now it’s time to examine parameters and play with its configuration. Here is a list of parameters:
ZOO Magnify Zoom element settings
ZOO Magnify Zoom element settings
  • Show label - Show or Hidden Label
  • Alternative label - You Must rename label
  • Enable Jquery - Option to include Jquery 2.1.1 library
  • Include CSS (Yes / No) - This param includes default CSS. Default is yes. If you would prefer to customize styles of the element within assigned Joomla! template, you may disable this param.
  • Style (Box / Inline) - Styles of gallery layout. Box - thumbnails has margins. Inline - thumbnails without margins.
  • Zoom Type - (Lens / Window / Inner) - Format of zoom appearace. Lens - zoom box inside of and within the image. Window - zoom appears in a box from the right side of the image. Inner - the image turns on box with magnified result.
  • Scroll Zoom (No / Yes) - Enable or disable zoom on mousewheel
  • Easing (No / Yes) - Enable or Disable Easing
  • Contain Lens Zoom - Enable or disable Contain Lens Zoom. The Lens type shoule be enabled.
  • Lens size - The size of the zoom box. The param is for Lens type only.
  • Lens shape (Square / Round) - The shape of lens have two mode: square and round.
  • Window position - Position for window. Window type should be enabled.
  • Cursor (Default / Crosshair / Move / Pointer / Zoom-In) - Icon of the cursor. Only for ‘Lens’ or ‘Windlow’ type of zoom.
  • Custom Window position - Here you may select ID for
  • element. zoomdivid is default value.
  • Thumbnail ordering (Ascending / Descending / Random) - Format of thumbnails ordering accoridng the names of files from assigned folder.
  • Show Lens - Enable / Disable Lens box when hovering the image.
  • Lens Border Size (px) - Border size of lens in px.
  • Lens Border color - Lens Border color (hex: #333)
  • Zoom Window Border Size (px) - border for zoom window in px
  • Zoom Window Border Color - color for border zoom window (hex: #333)
  • Zoom Window Width (px)
  • Zoom Window Height (px)
  • Tent (Yes / No) - Adding tent effect on image. When you move cursor on image, it became darker a a bit fuzzy except Lens area.
  • Tint Color - Tint Color: (hex: #333)
  • Tint Opacity - Opacity of tint from 0 to 1. Default value is 0.4
  • Lens Color - Lens Color (Hex: #333)
  • Lens Opacity - Opacity of Lens from 0 to 1. Default value is 0.4. Tint type should be is enabled
  • Thumbnail width (px) - Width of Thumbnail in px.
  • Thumbnail height (px) - Height of Thumbnail in px. Recommended value is 0.
  • Thumbnail Count - Count of thumbails. It’s suitable param if you’d like to limit thumnails and display only specified value. (i.e. image folder have 100 files, but we use only 9-12 images). Default value is 0.
  • Only one Image (No /Yes) - Ability to disable additional thumbnails and display the only image.
  • Title for Thumbnails (No / Yes) - Title for thumbnails link attribute.
  • Lens FadeIn (No / Yes) - Lens FadeIn effect
  • Lens FadeOut (No / Yes) - Enable Lens FadeOut effect
  • Zoom Window FadeIn (No / Yes) - Zoom Window FadeIn effect
  • Zoom Window FadeOut (No / Yes) - Zoom Window FadeOut effect
  • Zoom Tint FadeIn (No / Yes) - Zoom Tint FadeIn effect
  • Zoom Tint FadeOut (No / Yes) - Zoom Tint FadeOut effect
  • Image Cross Fade - Image Cross Fade Switching effect.
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