ZOO Magnify Zoom can be installed as usual Joomla! extension through Back-end > Extension manager > Install extension. Since it’s a ZOO element, it’s assumed you’re familiar with this CCK. If no, please get started with ZOO documentation.
Once you installed the element, it’s time to assign it to your application. Click on Application manager icon and choose application you’d like to use the element in. Let it be standard blog for expample. We choose Blog and see list of application types. Let’s open current template layout for edit. (i.e. article > default > full) At the right side you’ll find Custom elements. Push on Magnify Zoom element and drag it to the left side as the last element. Here you also may change order of the elements as you need using drag’n’drop mode. Click on Save button. Now the new element has been added to your template layout. Now let’s go to element edit mode and examine all available params.