What is Joomla?

Joomla! is a very extensive content management system that is popular all over the world among beginning users to web developers making beautiful websites and powerful web applications. This highly trusted software is an open source project published under the GNU General Public License that means Joomla! is free for all. It’s user-friendly so you may easily publish web content with its help. It uses a MySQL system for storing the content and PHP-scripts for managing web content online.

What is CMS?

CMS stands for content management system, it’s an application designed for publishing, editing and modifying any available web content (music, video, documents, text files) on your website. One distinct advantage of applying a CMS is its ability to control web content at any moment in any place, and another plus is that technical knowledge or special skills are not required for this.

CMS Joomla! is not a limited platform for every specific type of website, it represents a powerful set of tools making possible connection of site visitors to data in many ways. The wide range of newest technologies integrated into Joomla! inspires web developers and site managers to build creative and innovative websites, not just simple ones.

How does Joomla! function in modern websites?

Joomla! is used for creating different kinds and styles of websites. This CMS is considered the biggest platform for government institutions, it is also useful for e-commerce, media, education, corporate and private websites. It’s really multifunctional.

Joomla! is utilized worldwide for running websites of various types and functions such as:

  • Web magazines and newspapers

  • Corporate portals and small businesses’ websites

  • Educational and religious institutions’ websites

  • E-commerce and online bookings

  • Government applications and non-commercial organizations’ sites

  • Personal blogs, family websites, community-based portals

  • And many others.

In what ways Joomla! websites can work?

ou can create all types of websites with Joomla!, and these sites can do many functions. Whether you want to build a website with customer service system or with online store, blog site or some other type, Joomla! will help you do it easily.

One of the biggest benefits of Joomla! is usability. It can be used by a young web specialist or an expert developer, a student or a retiree wanting to learn from scratch about creating websites. Building a Joomla! website doesn’t require any programming or web development skills, in the meantime you can tap into the open codebase of this CMS to make something original and unrivalled. Joomla! also gives you a good opportunity to build a custom module for your site different from anything that exists on the Web.

Where can I download Joomla!?

Use the following link to get the latest version of CMS Joomla! from the official website:

Download Joomla!

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