Mollie payment plugin frequently asked questions.

Where to take test bank card numbers to verify test mode?

Enable Sandbox mode, add test API keys and use Test card numbers.

The payment is successful in Mollie, but it has a pending status in Phoca Cart

Some payment methods requires a longer time to be processed. As soon as payment will be processed Mollie will call the webhook to update the status.

How to enable additional payment methods?

You need to enable and configure additional payment methods in Mollie dashboard.

The list of supported methods:

The list of available methods can be changed. The actual list of available integrations can be checked at the Mollie online payments page.

You can activate required payment methods from Mollie Dashboard. Go to Dashboard > Your Organization > Organization Settings > Payment methods.

How do I activate Klarna as a payment method?

Mollie's dashboard:

You can add Klarna payment methods in your Mollie Dashboard. When the payment method is activated, you can link it to your website with our Orders API. With Klarna, your customer can make a deferred payment or make a payment in instalments. Read more on the official site

Phoca Cart's payment method options:

  • To accept payments through Klarna in Mollie you need to enable the following parameters in payment method options:

  • Set 'Send Order Items' to 'Yes'

  • Set 'Send Billing Address' to 'Yes'

  • Set 'Send Shipping Address' to 'Yes'

Learn more about Mollie options in Phoca Cart

Can I enable iDEAL to receive payments through Mollie in Phoca Cart?

Mollie allows you to quickly and easily accept payments through iDEAL‚ the most used payment method in the Netherlands. Mollie offer QR-codes that allow customers to easily pay through their mobile app. Read more about iDEAL integration through Mollie.

"Total amount does not match! Please contact our shop support" - what does it mean and how to fix it?

In some cases, your client can get the following error:

It occurs in the situation of total amount mismatch that usage of discount coupon leads to when Send Order Items parameter is enabled. On practical example, let's consider the following scenario:

You enabled Klarna in Mollie to accept payments. Klarna requires additional data to be sent and then you should enable Send Order Items parameter in your payment method settings. All works fine but if you attempt using any discount coupon, the discount to be applied to the entire order and it will lead to total amount mismatch. A user will not be able to finalize the payment.

Where to take payment icons for better design?

You can add a custom image in payment method options to show the image on the checkout. Searching icons usually take time. There is a collection of original images of the payment methods supported by Mollie and using them you can create a custom image. See Mollie resources.

Invalid API key. An API key must start with 'test_' or 'live_' and must be at least 30 characters long.

This error occurs when any of API key is missing. The field is empty in Phoca Cart payment method options. Please fill out Key values in options.

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