Frequently Asked Questions about QuickPay payment method.

Where to take test bank card numbers to verify test mode?

Please use test data taken on QuickPay documentation.

How to enable additional payment methods?

You can find this information on QuickPay settings page (see Payment methods).

Some additional payment methods (e.g. Klarna) require additional information for proceeding the payment. Please enable the following parameters in Phoca Cart payment method:

Warning! If "Send Basket" parameter is enabled, do not allow discount coupons to be used! It will lead to amount mismatch and a user will not be able to pay and finalize the payment. Read more

Is it possible to accept payments via Klarna in Phoca Cart?

QuickPay has support of Klarna Payments, which is Pay Now, Pay Later and Slice it . Klarna Pay Now (Sofort) does not cost any extra fee in Quickpay. Discover more.

There are the following parameters in payment method (Phoca Cart) which are in use when you need to integrate Klarna:

  • Send Basket - send basket of products (required for Klarna).

  • Send Billing Address - send customer's billing address (optional for Klarna).

  • Send Shipping Address - send customer's shipping address (optional for Klarna).

"Total amount does not match! Please contact our shop support" - what does it mean and how to fix it?

In some cases, your client can get the following error:

It occurs in the situation of total amount mismatch that usage of discount coupon leads to when Send Basket parameter is enabled. On practical example, let's consider the following scenario:

You enabled Klarna in QuickPay to accept payments. Klarna requires additional data to be sent and then you should enable Send Basket parameter in your payment method settings. All works fine but if you attempt using any discount coupon, the discount to be applied to the entire order and it will lead to total amount mismatch. A user will not be able to finalize the payment.

If Send Basket parameter enabled, do not let users to use discount coupons on your site! Disable all available discount coupons or do not use an additional payment method that requires Send Basket parameter to be enabled (e.g. Klarna).

If Send Basket parameter disabled, discount coupons can be used as usually.

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