Q: I want to set custom image for Open Graph which differs from the image displayed on the page. Is it be possible?

A: Yes! You can control and set custom values for Open Graph tags via the element that appears in item edit mode.

Q: The item has been published / I changed the image for item, but I do not see new image in Facebook. Why?

A: Facebook stores and caching all images. When you sharing a post with the URL first time or changed the image, you should clean Facebook cache. Open Sharing Debugger and paste URL of your page. Then click on Scrape Again button to purge Facebook cache. After a few seconds the data will be renewed.

Q: The plugin does not proceed item image automatically even after clearing FB cache.

It seems you have inserted image as a part of text area. ZOO item should have image element which is used by OG plugin for automatic process. Otherwise deault OG image will be used. Please add custom image element to the content type. The Open Graph plugin will take image automatically from this element. Otherwise you can assign the image via the OG element manually.

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