How to automatically create a folder for a user and limit access

In some cases, you might want to automatize creating a new folder for the user of a specified user group and limit access within that folder only. It is actual if you are working on a portal or catalogue and need to set up permissions and give the users limited access to avoid managing images uploaded by other users.

Such a scenario means every user will have access to the own folder only which is important for the website where various authors publishing the content.

Add scope with variable

To create such a scenario, let's use the default scope Images. Change the path to:


According to such logic, when a user accesses Quantum Manager, a new folder will be created if it yet not exists, and all such folders to be stored in /user folder. E.g. the user has ID 636, and the folder with the same name is created.

Now the user is limited in own folder:

By default, the Image scope creates a new folder according to user's ID.


Now it's time to set up permissions to the specified user group to access. Let it be Manager User Group. By default, managers do not have access to the component, so let change the state in permissions.

Go to Components > Quantum Manager > Options > Permissions Then click on Manager tab and set Access Administration Interface to Allowed.

More information on how to work with Joomla permissions in the official Access Control List Tutorial.

Now the user of Manager User Group can access Quantum Manager and work inside their own image folder only.

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