Override parameters via Profiles

One of the major component features is the ability to override settings for specified User Groups. In the previous example, we have modified the default scope Images, that change is global and works for users of all user groups and now it's time to make exceptions.

Using Profiles we can set up custom parameters and customize settings according to the architecture of the website.

Well, let's back to the previous example when we limited access to the user of Manager User Group. Now we will override parameters for Super Administrators using Profiles and JSON.

Go to Components > Quantum Manager > Options > Profiles and add a new override.

  • Select Super Administrators user group.

  • Add configuration name: scopescustom

  • Add the overrride:

    "scopescustom0": {
        "enable": "1",
        "id": "allfiles",
        "title": "All files",
        "path": "images"

According to this JSON code:

  • We enable the override.

  • Set up override ID.

  • Set up custom title (All files instead of Images).

  • Change the path (images instead of images/user/{user_id}).

You can do the same for other user groups. Now when a Manager opens Quantum Manager, the access is limited to the custom folder and the scope has 'Images' name, but when Super Administrator opens the component, all /images folders are available and the scope name is 'All images'.

JSON format is used to override only scopes, in all other cases you need just to set up the configuration name and the override value. For example, we need the Super Administrator to Apply watermark by default and it should work as a button, but in case of Administrator we need to change the watermark position to top left.

All available variables are described in Profiles.

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