How to automatically create folders with the current date

Ignoring the sorting of files leads to disorder and makes your work slower since the processing of a large number of files in the same folder requires additional time. The best way is to place images to the folders according to its dates. With Quantum Manager you can automatize this process and save a lot of time.

Let's change the first default scope according to our requirements and include variable to the path:{year}-{month}-{day}

According to such logic, a user of a specific user group (Editor, Author, etc.) will be redirected to the folder with the current date each time they open Quantum Manager. But now let's create a scope for administrators to see all images. We should add custom scope:

Name: All images


And now we need to add an override in Profiles:

Select a user group that should have access to All images scope (Administrator, Super Administrator).

  • User Group: Super Administrator

  • Config name: scopescustom

  • Override: none

The result is on the pictures below:

The Administrators can see Images and additionally All images scope to access images root directory.

This is what Managers and Authors see - only specific folders.

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