Frequently Asked Questions related to Quantum Manager.

Unable to download lib_fields library from an external site. Please, install it manually

This message may appear during the installation.

The architecture of Quantum Manager consists of the component, its core plugins and 3 libraries which downloading from an external site during the installation.

Quantum Manager requires some libraries for correct work and these libraries are being downloaded from an external sites when the component installs.

Here are these libraries:

  • Jinterventionimage - a library to work with graphics.

  • Jpel - PHP EXIF library.

  • Jlib fields - a library which consists of different fields. It is required for correct work of the component.

In some cases (your hosting restrictions or domain/IP ban) the library cannot be downloaded. Then such a warning message appears and the component itself is installed while the library is not. And, as a result, some functionality where any of the library is required to work with, will not work correctly.

To resolve this problem, please follow the warning message which you got during the installation. It consists of the link to download the library manually. If you skipped the post-installation page - it is not a problem. You can download any of these 3 libraries from Github manually and install any of them as a typical Joomla extension.

Read more about libraries (including links to Github)

Quantum Manager doesn't appear in Joomla components

It is possible to replace Joomla's core media field to Quantum Manager's media field . Go to a plugin called System - Redirect Media (com_media) call to Quantum Manager and find the following parameter:

  • Where to replace - by default, it is Articles: Single Article. You can add more components via options. E.g. categories or any 3rd party extension.

I have already added some components to the Redirect Media (com_media) plugin options, however, the Quantum Manager media field doesn't working.

It can be caused during the problem when you installed Quantum Manager and no lib_fields library downloaded. As a result, Quantum Manager attempts to run a media field which is missed. Read above

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