Settings related to images.


Search in Unsplash

The manager integrates the Unsplash service. The button is added to the manager toolbar. The file is downloaded to the currently opened folder.

Search in Pixabay

The manager integrates Pixabay service. The button is added to the manager toolbar. The file is downloaded to the currently opened folder.

Search in Pexels

The manager integrates Pexels service. The button is added to the manager toolbar. The file is downloaded to the currently opened folder.

Keep in mind that processing images from the stock photo services (automatic resizing, watermarking) requires at least 256 MB of memory for PHP, because images with very large sizes may not have enough memory to process.

Keep Original

If you want to keep the originals of the downloaded images (without automatic resizing, without a watermark), then enable this setting. Originals are saved in the "original" folder relative to the current folder.

Use Original for Cropping

Use original image for cropping.

Save EXIF meta tags

EXIF is a standard that specifies the formats for images, audio and media and adds metadata recorded by digital cameras: authorship, coordinates of a place where the shoot was taken, date, license and etc.

Rotate according to EXIF

If enabled, images will be rotated automatically using the ata taken from EXIF.

Auto Resize

If it is necessary that the image does not exceed some values in width and height, then enable this setting and set the number of maximum pixels in width and height.


Option for watermark overlay mode.

  • ** Automatically ** - when uploading a file, the watermark is automatically applied;

  • ** Button ** - to apply a watermark, select an image and click on the "Watermark" button on the manager toolbar. The button also appears when you select an image in the "Automatic" mode.

Watermark File

Select an image for a watermark.

Watermark Resize

If you want the watermark to look the same in the images, enable this setting. You can choose a watermark of any size - it will automatically adjust to the current image.

Watermark Percents

Set how many percents from the original image the watermark should take.

Watermark Position

Select the position in the image where the watermark will be located.

Watermark Margins

The margins of the watermark from the edges of the image in pixels.

Resize images in folders

Automatically resize images in the specified folders:

  • Folder - the folder to processs.

  • Include subfolders - include subfolders of the folder.

  • Width - the desired width of image in pixels.

  • Height - the desired height of image in pixels.

  • Resizing method (crop):

    • Resize and crop image to fit to the specified sizes

    • Resize to the specified sizes

    • Resize and fill blank areas with background to specified sizes

Image Editor

Compression (%)

The default image compression level in percents.

Sharpness (%)

The default image sharpness level in percents.


The default image brightness level from 0 to 100.

Blur (px)

The default image blur level in pixels.

Custom Cropping Ratio

In this option you can set your own cropping ratio for the image editor.

  • Ratio name

  • Ratio value, e.g. 1.5 or 1.2


Easy generate thumbnails from the uploaded images.

Generate thumb folder

If this parameter is enabled, a "thumb" subfolder is being created in the folder where original images are located and thumbnail(s) will be saved in a new subfolder.

Go to thumb folder automatically

You will be redirected to thumb folder automatically after the thumbnails are being generated.

Thumbnail List

Here you create your presets for thumbnails generation:

  • Item name - the name of your preset.

  • Width in pixels - the desired width of thumbnail.

  • Height in pixels - the desired height of thumbnail.

  • Algorithm - the method of thumbnail creation:

    • resize and crop

    • resize and do not crop

When you create at least one generation preset a new button "Thumbnails" will be added to the manager toolbar.

Select image (or images) from the list of uploaded images and then click on your preset name under the "Thumbnails" button. Thumbnails will be automatically created.

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