One of the important part of Quantum Manager is Scopes. What is it mean?

Scope refers to the visibility of variables. In other words, which parts of your program can see or use it.

Using scopes you can create a navigation tree for quick access to the associated folders. It is typical to modern Operation Systems like macOS or Windows, so whenever the folder is located on the site, there is a way to create quick access to it by adding the scope.

Go to Options > Global Options tab and you will find scopes.

There are default scopes to be used according to its names:

Scope namePath to the folder





You can set up a custom path to your folder. Note: the path comes from the site root, so you can access folders outside of /images folder. If no folder exists, the folder will be created as soon as you go to the component dashboard. It is possible to enable or disable default scopes according to your requirements.

How to separate/sort files of different formats? (media, documents)

Apart from pictures, there might be audio files, video, .zip archives and etc. on your site. The best way is to keep all these files separately.

Keep all non-graphic files by type outside of /images folder. We can configure several different options for uploading files into the 'right' folders, depending on the situation and file type. For instance, for documents you can use /media/docs path, for audio it might be /media/audio, etc.

Creating custom scopes

Creating custom scopes gives you extra abilities.

Here is an example:

You can create multiple custom scopes and use variables to get much precisely result.



ID of current user


current year


curreny month


current day


current hour






UNIX time in seconds

Example of use: images/{user_id}/{year}-{month}-{day}

Do not forget to update robots.txt file, if new folders were created in site root using the scope.

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