Long file names and transliteration

The widespread situation when you keep files with names which consist of a long name, Cyrillic, Greek or other alphabets, various symbols like space, comma and etc. As a result, you need time to rename file names to comply with the standards. The component removes extra characters and limit file names according to the max length parameter and converts symbols from uppercase to lowercase.

If you have had a file: БОЛЬШОЙ праздник в городе!!# Октябрь=.jpg

After uploading, the file name will get the following name: bolshoy-prazdnik-v-gorode-oktyabr.jpg

The transliteration table takes from the localization file of a language used in your Joomla back-end by default. You can set a maximum length of a filename via the parameter of the same name.

Go to Options > Global Options tab and you will find the required parameter.


The postfix mode allows you to add a hash to the file name to avoid uploading a file with the same name over the existing one. E.g. you have a file: picture.jpg. Soon you decided to upload another image that has the same name, but you want to keep the old file on your site. Enable postfix and when you upload picture.jpg file on your site and if the file with the same name already exists, a new picture_pxxxxxx.jpg (where x - there are numbers) file will be added.

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