Creating Category

Learn how to create a category.

To create a new category proceed to the categories list and click on the "New" button. New category form will open:

Below is the list of all available tabs and its descriptions.


In the "Title" field you should set the category title and alias.

Description – the description of the category.

In the right sidebar you can set the following parameters:

  • Parent - select a parent category.

    You can set the unlimited level for category, but NorrCompetition displays only up to three levels.

  • Status - the state of the category.

  • Access - the access level group that is allowed to view a category.

  • Language - assign a language to a category.

  • Tags - assign tags to a category. Tag names must be unique.

  • Note - a note about category.


In this tab you can set the various publishing options, such as: author, meta description, meta keywords, etc.


In this tab you can set up the associated categories from other languages.


In this tab you can manage the permission settings for the user groups. See the document Configuration - Permissions.


In this tab you can set the additional options like image and alternative layout.

Layout Options

In this tab you can control the look of the category layout. By default all options are inherited from the component options. Read more in Category Layout Options.

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