I get an error or white screen on photo upload

You can face some issues with photo uploads during the usage of component:

  • White screen

  • 500 Internal server error

These issues are mostly due to some limitations on the server side and that is why some big pictures cannot be uploaded as there is not enough memory for this process. Also the possible issue could be image library used for photos manipulation and it is missing on the server (GD or Imagemagick).

Server settings

In most cases upload issues can be solved fixing the limits in php.ini file. Also permissions should be checked. The following articles will help you to solve these issues:

Component settings

Open Control Panel > Components > NorrCompetition > Options > Images tab.

  • Image library - GD or Imagemagick. Please check which is installed on you server (menu System – System Information) or ask your hosting provider.

  • Max File Size (KB) - the limit for uploaded image. By default it is 2048 KB (2 MB). When the limits on the server side allows you can increase this option.

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