I do not get notifications from NorrCompetition

NorrCompetition uses the standard Joomla notifications handler. If you do not get any notifications from NorrCompetition then you should check:

Component settings

Open Control Panel > Components > NorrCompetition > Options > General tab. Find Notifications on Entries parameter and make sure that it is not empty.

Mail settings in Joomla

Make sure that in Global Configuration Send Mail parameter is enabled:

Control Panel > Global Configuration > Server > Mail Settings. If it is enabled and still nothing then try to change the Mailer:

Notification letters are in Spam

Due to some reasons letters from your website can be marked as spam and moved to Spam (Junk) box. Please check you spam box.

Mailer on the server side

Make sure that server is sending mails. On some hosts mail function can be incorrectly set. You can explore the logs or request the support from hosting provider.

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