NorrCompetition and YOOtheme Pro

Since version 2.0.0 NorrCompetition comes with in-built Uikit framework and loads Uikit library by default. If you are using YOOtheme Pro page builder, then both YOOtheme Pro and NorrCompetition will load Uikit library. As the result, it might lead to the script conflicts.

Example of the error in the browser console on entry submission page when both Uikit libraries are included:

Uncaught TypeError: node[DATA][name]._callConnected is not a function

If you are using YOOtheme Pro or another template based on Uikit, please disable loading of Uikit in component options and page builder will load all necessary files.

Please go to Components > NorrCompetition > General tab > Disable Uikit > set to 'Yes'

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