Entry Data Comparison

Learn how to moderate and compare the data of entry.

If changed entries requires moderation, then any change in entries data (in front-end) will be applied to the entry only after approval of these changes. This can be achieved with entry data comparison.

If the data in entry form was changed then NorrCompetition automatically sets the Changed status on associated entry.

Proceed to entries list: Components > NorrCompetition > Entries. Set the value of the changed status in the left sidebar filter to Changed. Select the entry from the list and click on the Edit button on the top toolbar. Or simply click on the required entry. A form of entry data comparison will be opened.

The form is divided into four columns:

  • Field - the title of the entry field

  • Old value – the old value of the field

  • New value - the new value of the field

  • Apply new value – a checkbock for applying new value. If it is checked then the old value will be changed to new one. If it is not checked then the old value will remain the same.

When you checked all the data save the entry.

Setting notification about changed entries

Also, you can set up e-mail notifications about changed applications. Proceed to Components > NorrCompetition > Options. In the General tab find the Entries Forms Notification parameter and select to On Changed.

This notification will be sent to all users who have Receive System Emails parameter set to Yes in their profile.

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