Submitting Entry Form

Learn how to submit an entry from front-end.

The entry can be submitted on the front-end using special menu item Submit Entry. It is being created during component installation. Please ensure that this menu item exists and published.

The other option is to proceed to the list of your entries and click on the New Entry Form button.

To give the users a permission to submit and edit entries, you should enable Create and Edit permissions. Additionally, you can extend these permissions by enabling Create Before*, Create After* and Edit After* actions. Read more about permissions in the Configuration - Permissions document.

Read here how to allow unregistered users to submit entries.

During entry submission you should fill in the following data in the form:

  • Competition - the select list of active contests. You should select the contest which you want to submit your entry to.

    Attention! When the entry is submitted the contest can be changed by administrator only.

    Other fields will be displayed below when the contest is selected.

  • Photo - is available when contest type is β€œPhoto”. The input field is to upload a photo from the local drive using AJAX. After upload you will see a preview photo. Then you should crop it to make a thumbnail. This thumbnail will be used in the list of entries on the contest page.

  • Video - is available when the contest type is β€œVideo”. The input field for video URL. The following video providers are supported: YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vine and Rutube. When URL is entered, the video will be previewed automatically in the area below the field.

  • Entry title - this field is connected with concrete contest and is defined in the contest settings. This is needed to correctly name the entry because it could be animated object like human, pet etc. or some inanimate object like car. For example, you have the following entries: Miss Universe – the title should be a name The Best Auto – the title should be a car model

    On contest selection the entry title will be displayed according to settings.

  • Custom fields - the fields that were additionally selected in contest settings.

  • Captcha - is displayed if the entry is being submitted by unregistered user and show Captcha is set in settings.

Photo/video, contest and entry title fields are always required!

Two buttons are available below the form: Submit and Cancel.

If you click on Submit then your entry form will be submitted and added to a queue for approval by an administrator (in a case the moderation of new entries is enabled) or immediately displayed in the contest. You will be redirected to the list of your entries and the message of successful submission should be displayed.

If you are submitting entry as an unregistered users then you will be redirected to the contest you have submitted entry to.

If you click in Cancel your action will be cancelled and you will be redirected to the list of your entries or to the list of contests if you are unregistered user.

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