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NorrCompetition Entries

NorrCompetition Entries module displays a list of entries.
The module has the following settings:
  • Mode - mode for the module:
    • Entries - standard display of entries.
    • Field - entries will be displayed based on the selected field value.
    • Grand Prix - entry with the grand prix status will be displayed.
  • Count - the entries count to display.
  • Count Per Row - the entries count to display per one row.
  • Contest - the contest which the entries should be displayed from.
  • Use Contest Params - If set to Yes then layout related params will be used from contest options. If set to No then you will need to define these options in the module.
  • Title Length - if set then the title of the entry will be truncated till this value. You may set it when the title breaks the layout.
  • Votes - Show or hide the votes for entry.
  • Voting - Show or hide the voting button.
  • Share - Show or hide share button.
  • Play Video - Allow to play videos or display thumbnail of videos.
  • Contestant - Show or hide a user name who has submitted an entry.
  • Contestant Title - Select how the contestant should be displayed: Name, Login
  • Entry Field - Select the field that value will be displayed under the title of entry.
  • Field Length - If set then the value of the field will be truncated to the specified number of characters.
  • Order - the ordering of the entries: Rating, Ordering, Created Date or Random.
  • Order Direction - the direction of the ordering: Ascending or Descending.