NorrCompetition Image Moderation

Moderate entry images efficiently in NorrCompetition component.

Image Moderation plugin provides the moderation of entry images during upload and after upload on entry save. It allows to reject an image or to set an entry to unapproved state.

Currently powered by Sightengine API the plugin can automatically detect unwanted content though 50+ content categories across 10 top-level categories using best-in-class models:

  • Adult Content & Nudity

  • Violence

  • Gore & Horrific imagery

  • Hate & Offensive gestures (symbols)

  • Weapons

  • Recreational & Medical drugs

  • Gambling, Money & Banknotes

  • Alcohol & Tobacco

  • Detect people and faces

  • AI-generated Images & Low quality images

  • Text & QR codes

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