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The settings for a contest entry unless they are changed in the specific contest.
NorrCompetition global entry settings
Entry global settings
  • Title - show or hide the title of the entry.
  • Contest Title – show or hide the contest title in the list of entry fields.
  • Link Contest – display the contest title as a link to a contest layout.
  • Contestant – show or hide a user who has submitted an application in the list of entry fields.
  • Contestant Title – how the contestant should be displayed: name or username.
  • Link Contestant – if set to Yes, the contestant will be linked. You must create a content plugin for this to be in effect. See the document Creating a link to contestant.
  • Share Button – show or hide share buttons.
  • EXIF - show or hide photo EXIF data on the entry page.
  • Comments – show or hide comments.
  • Navigation – show or hide navigation between entries (next/previous).
  • Back to List – show or hide the button that leads back to the list of contest entries.