Entry Layout Options

When you are creating or editing an entry in the “Entry Layout Options” tab you can control the look of the entry page. All options are inherited from the component options by default, so you need to set them only if you want this particular contest to look different from other contests.
NorrCompetition - Entry Layout Options
Entry Layout Options
  • Title - show or hide the title of the entry.
  • Contest Title – show or hide the contest title in the list of entry fields.
  • Link to contest – display the contest title as a link to a contest layout.
  • Contestant – show or hide a user who has submitted a entry.
  • Contestant Title – how the contestant should be displayed: name or username.
  • Link to contestant – if set to Yes, the contestant will be linked. You must create a content plugin for this to be in effect. See the document Creating a link to contestant.
  • Share Buttons – show or hide share buttons.
  • Comments – show or hide comments.
  • Show Captcha – display Captcha to users that will protect voting from bots. Available options are: No, To Unregistered, To Registered, To All. Please note that only Google reCAPTCHA v2 is supported. Do not forget to setup and enable reCAPTCHA plugin.
The entry page could be also enhanced by the content plugins. Read more in Using content plugins on entry page document.