Integration with Facebook

To integrate comments from Facebook you should do the following: create new application and set up NorrCompetition settings.

Creation of Facebook application

To create Facebook application open the following address:

You will see the list of already created applications. In the top right corner click on "Add a New App" button.

Then select WWW (website) as a platform. Quick start interface will open up. In the top right corner click on Skip and create App ID. You will see the popup window with the form:

  • Display Name - the name of your app or website.

  • Namespace - a unique identifier for your app (optional).

  • Is this a test version of another app? - leave it as "No".

  • Category - the category your website matches best.

Click on "Create App ID".

You will see settings of new application. Please note that this new application is in developer status and you should publish it. We will cover this step later.

Select item "Settings" in the left sidebar. You should complete the following fields:

  • App Domains. - optional field. Here you should specify a website domain without protocol, for example "". To enable the possibility of saving this field you should click on "Add Platform" button below, select website and fill in website’s URL.

  • Contact E-mail - specify your e-mail.

    This field is required for application activation.

App ID value will be needed later for setup in NorrCompetition settings.

Now in the left sidebar click on "Status & Review".

Set "Yes" for Do you want to make this app and all its live features available to the general public? and save settings.

Set up on NorrCompetition side

Open Control Panel > Components > NorrCompetition > Options and select "Comments" tab.

In "Facebook Application ID" parameter specify the ID of your application and save options.

That’s it. Facebook comments are now integrated in NorrCompetition.

The moderation of Facebook comments on the website will be possible through the application (all administrators of the app will be able to moderate comments). NorrCompetition will create special meta tag for that:

meta property="fb:app_id" content="{your Facebook Application ID}"

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