Integration with Komento

To integrate Komento comments you first need to enable integration in Komento component.

Open Control Panel > Components > Komento > Integrations. You will see NorrCompetition in the list of available integrations.

Note if you install Komento after NorrCompetition you should manually copy the file /integration/komento/com_competition.php from NorrCompetition installation package to /components/com_komento/komento_plugins.

Click on NorrCompetition and "Integrations: NorrCompetition" section will open.

Here you should set "Enable Comments" to Yes (in "Workflow" tab). You can set up other options if you want. Click "Save and Close".

Next open Components > NorrCompetition > Options, select "Comments" tab and in the "Comments" parameter select Komento. In "Comments Ordering" add number 6 to the list. Save options.

Now you have Komento comments on the entry page.

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