Sightengine Setup

Learn how to setup Workflow in Sightengine and get API keys.

To get Image Moderation plugin working you need to get two things from Sighteninge:

  1. Worklflow ID

  2. API Keys

We assume that you have already have an account and logged in to Sightengine.


  1. Proceed to "Image APIs" section.

  2. Find "Image Moderation Workflows" and click on "Go to Workflows".

  3. Click on "Add new Workflow".

  4. Provide a name and select "Fully Automated Moderation".

  5. In "Moderation Rules" section define your moderation rules. Determine what actions (accept, reject...) should be taken based on the image content.

  6. Save you Workflow.

  7. Notice and copy Workflow ID.

API Keys

  1. Proceed to "API Keys" section.

  2. Copy API user and API secret.

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