Using content plugins on entry page

NorrCompetition supports the possibilty of participant’s page processing by content plugins that allows to display the result of content plugins work on the entry page.

For this you need to set the tags that are processed by content plugins. Log in to Control Panel -> NorrCompetition > Options > General tab and in Content Plugins field specify the tags of the content plugins. If you have several tags then you should specify every new tag from the new row.

For example:

{jmb_donation} - call of JMB Donation plugin {youtube} - call of AllVideos plugin {loadmodule module_type} - specific Joomla module output {loadposition position_name} - specific Joomla position output

The following events are supported: onContentPrepare, onContentAfterTitle, onContentBeforeDisplay, onContentAfterDisplay. The context passed to the plugins is 'com_competition.participant'.

On the picture below the areas of the entry page that every event is responsible for are highlighted:

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