Integration with Disqus

To integrate popular Disqus comment system you should do the following: add new website in the Disqus admin panel, get the unique ID and set it in NorrCompetition settings.

The first step is to add a new website for moderation under your Disqus profile. Open the address:

Complete site profile form:

  • Site name - your website name.

  • Choose your unique Disqus URL - this is where you will access moderation tools and site settings. This will also become your site's "shortname".

    This shortname should be set later in NorrCompetition settings for intergration.

  • Category - select the category that your website matches best.

The next step is to set up Disqus on NorrCompetition side. Open Control Panel > Components > NorrCompetition > Options and select "Comments" tab.

In the Comments paramter select Disqus. Then in the same tab find Disqus Options and set Disqus Shortname.

Save options and Disqus will be displayed on the participant’s page.

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