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Learn how a user can manage own entries.

To manage own entries a user should proceed to user entry page (the corresponding menu item should exist and it is being created during NorrCompetition installation).

You will see the table with the following columns:

  • Entry – the title of the entry. The click on it will redirect to the entry edit form.

  • Contest – the title of the contest. The click on it will redirect to the contest page.

  • Published – Yes / No. If site administrator unpublishes the entry, then it will have the corresponding state and the lock icon will be displayed near the title. This means that you cannot edit this entry.

  • Approved – Yes / No. By default it is No since after the submission of application it should be checked and approved by site administrator.

  • Link to entry – it could be Waiting for approval or the link to entry page.

Editing entry

When you are on the user entries page you can click on the entry title to edit the corresponding entry.

The contest parameter could not be changed, so it is inactive.

After the save of entry the site administrators will receive a notification to check out changes in entry (in a case of moderation). If the moderation is required for changed entries, then the entry will be get unapproved status.

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