No images appear after submitting entries

Some users facing with the situation when images were not been physically uploaded after submitting entries. Let's consider why it could happen.

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File permission issues

If you have already checked out permissions, but still no images appear in the selected folder with NorrCompetition media storage, then it might be a problem related to 3rd party extension like Admin Tools which re-generates default .htaccess file and adds custom rules.

Admin Tools can generate custom .htaccess file which blocks access to all folders except excluded folders. Try to temporary replace .htaccess with the core file taken from Joomla. E.g. rename existing .htaccess to .htaccess2 and take default file htaccess.txt and rename it to .htaccess to take action and check out the front-end. If it will help, then it means that rules in .htaccess file block access to /ncuploads/ folder which is placed in the root of the site and you have to add exceptions while use Admin Tools and re-generate .htaccess or edit it manually and add /ncuploads/ folder as an exception.

Admin Tools documentation

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