The general component settings.

General Options

  • Notifications on Entries - this option controls when email notification about the entries should be sent: on new submissions, after edit or in both cases. When entry forms require moderation it could be useful to enable this option.

  • Date Format – an optional format string for showing the date. If left blank, it uses 'DATE_FORMAT_LC4' from the language file. Some examples: d-m-y will display 01-01-2015 d.m.y H:s will display 01-01-2015 00:00 See for details. Please note that this format is used not only in the component, but also in the related NorrCompetition modules.

  • Uploads Folder - this is the folder where all users' uploads will be stored. The folder must exist on the server. If it does not exist the default will be used – ncuploads directory inside you root Joomla! installation (it is created on component installation). Please note that the component will automatically create the photos subfolder for photo uploads.

NorrCompetition will not delete this folder on uninstallation.

  • Layouts – the folder where the layouts are located.

  • Disable UIkit - if you are using the UIkit based template like YOOtheme then you can try to disable the UIkit to avoid double loading issues of JavaScript and CSS files.

  • Remove IDs from URL -remove the numeric IDs from URL to make URLs look more clean.

  • Multilingual Support - if several languages are used to display content on the website then multilingual support will allow to define translations. The default language is English (en-GB). Read more in Use on multilingual sites document.

  • Backlink - show or hide the backlink to the website of the extension. Support us ;)

  • Content Plugins – this is a very handy option which allows displaying the result of content plugins work on the entry page the same way it is done for article page in Joomla. Read more in Using content plugins on entry page document.

Remote Storage Options

  • Remote Storage - Enable remote storage support. When enabled then all entry media will be saved on the selected remote storage. You need to enable at least one remote storage plugin.

  • Delete Local Files - this option is activated if Remote Storage is enabled. If set to Yes then local files will be deleted after the files are uploaded to remote storage.

Social Options

  • Share Buttons - NorrCompetition supports the most popular social networks out from the box and allows you to share the entry page you like. All you should do is to specify the buttons that you want to see in the share buttons list: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest.

  • Open Graph Image – sharing is easier with Open Graph support and NorrCompetition has it built in. If there is no image on the page it will take the image form this parameter.

  • Twitter @username – when a user shares via the Twitter this option will define Twitter @username to which the Open Graph twitter card will be attributed to.

  • Facebook App ID – in order to use Facebook Domain Insights you must add the app ID for Open Graph. Domain Insights lets you view analytics for traffic to your site from Facebook.

  • Facebook Client Access Token - Client Access Token is required to access Instagram oEmbed endpoint. You must create Facebook App to add this value.

If you need to embed Instagram video content in the contests, you must create Facebook App and add Client Access Token. Read more: Instagram oEmbed

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